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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do.

Every single individual has patterns and behaviours that hold them back. I can help you unlock your potential, providing you with meaningful and actionable tools to help you reach your goals. I have helped past clients unleash their potential towards personal and professional creative goals simply by adjusting mindset, removing mental roadblocks and defining a clearer plan of action. 


‘Tortor is an invaluable person to have around. They have helped me let go of trying to control outcomes and relax into my goals. I’ve grown in confidence and have greater peace and clarity on my personal vision and the things I am trying to achieve’.  Lindsay, UK

  • Let's see if we're a good match before you commit to some coaching.

    15 min

  • Are you looking to achieve more in your life or with your creative pur...

    1 hr

    75 British pounds
Coaching Plans

I’m Tortor - a stop motion animator & creativity coach. I’m proof that anything is possible even when the odds are stacked against you… in fact I’ve turned my life around so many times that I even changed my middle name to Phoenix! I used to be crippled by fear and anxiety. I would push away opportunities, self sabotage and procrastinate away the days. My health suffered and I felt awful mentally and physically. Sitting at rock bottom isn’t fun at all, but it is a great place to grow from.


When the odds are stacked against you this can actually become your power and drive you to change. In 2022 I changed my life for the better and overhauled myself in every way possible. How did I do that? I let go of trying to control how things had to be, how I thought healing should happen and how progress should be made and instead was open to opportunities and freedom in direction. I found myself trusting my intuition more and when I did that things began feeling easier, simpler and obstacles moved out my way. 


When you start to accept that nothing in life is certain you can free yourself to achieve almost anything. Your past experiences and the circumstances you were dealt do not dictate your future. You have a responsibility to heal yourself and be born again as a more confident and abundant version of you.


Are you ready to take action? Make a change? Transform your life and rise like a Phoenix too?


My coaching is inclusive of everyone. I offer a safe space and confidentiality - I am willing to work on whatever you need help with. Authenticity is a huge factor in achieving deep self confidence and I think it’s ideal to bring your whole self to a session and really learn and understand how you operate and in doing so how to unlock your full potential.


My ideal client is someone who has a dream and doesn’t know how to reach it. You might be feeling unworthy or lacking in talent. You might just need help in showing up more confidently in the world. I can help you move forward in a better direction and also add crucial accountability. 


The coaching packages I offer range from one session to an unlimited number of session - during the sessions we will aim to get to the root of who you are now and where you want to be. I’ll help you sow the right seeds to start seeing the right growth. You’ll learn how to better nourish yourself so that you can thrive and craft your best life ever. 

Do you have a specific goal? Why do you want to have coaching with me?

No wrong answers!

It’s okay not to have a goal too, we can figure that out together. 

I look forward to working with you very soon. 

Still not sure? Transformation isn’t easy without support. Having a coach can be the difference between taking action and no action at all. If you invest in yourself today, imagine where you can be in 6-months from now! 


If you’re feeling like an imposter or struggling with self belief we can pinpoint the root of those feelings and work on breaking their power over you. 


If you have a goal without a plan we can build one together. Step-by-step with consistency and clarity you can get there. 


If you are feeling completely lost and don’t even know where you are heading in life I can help you solve that too. What lights you up? There must be something that excites you. Let’s figure it out together. 



  • Are you on Skillshare? Yes! I have mainly made creative classes but I am slowly adding self improvement content there too. The first class is on How to Make a Vision Board that Works.

  • Can I email you for advice instead? You are more than welcome to email me but I don't have the capacity to offer vast quantities of my time in this way. I get a lot of emails so bear this in mind too.  

  • Can I book you weekly? If you would like to book me on a weekly rolling basis this can be arranged. Happy to discuss whatever arrangement works best for you. 

  • What if I need more than one hour in a session? Often a session longer than an hour isn't as beneficial as you might imagine. If we cover too much in one go it can be overwhelming and less optimal when taking forward action. If you want to have frequent sessions it might be more cost effective to choose the Annual Coaching Plan. 

  • 3 Session Pack

    3 private consultations scheduled at your own convenience.
    Valid for 3 months
    • Annual Coaching Plan

      Weekly coaching for a year!
      Valid for one year
      • Creative & Personal Growth Coaching
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