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Tortor Smith

Pronouns: They/Them


Tortor has directed and animated stop motion projects for individuals, agencies and brands. Specialising in short form animated video, projects are often kept under 30 seconds... but negotiation on this is always possible.

Working from a small home studio, every day is different, and every project is different too. Paper, clay, coffee beans - you name it, they've tried it.


More recently creative life has expanded into graphic design, illustration and even fine art. It's sort of been a happy accident that they were forced into due to health issues beginning last November. The physical demands of stop motion animation have proven troublesome and so they have therefore ploughed their creative skills into other areas and disciplines.


Aside from studio work they also teach animation privately online and through sites like Skillshare and YouTube. In fact, since lockdown, teaching online has become an even bigger part of what they do. 

Covering everything from ideation through to delivery, if you want something animated, illustrated or created then get in touch. 


Some brands they've previously created content for are