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Movie Poster Sculpts

Everything you see in this artwork has been sculpted using JOVI Plastilina modelling clay. I have then brought all the elements into Photoshop, composited and added a few extra cosmetic touches. 

Why did I decide to make these? If you're a fan of my work you will have probably heard once, or twice, that I worked on the feature film Frankenweenie back in 2011 - it was one of my first stop motion jobs... so it felt fitting to create this now 10 years later.

Also Corpse Bride just for fun. 

Screenshot 2022-10-02 at 11.32.00.png

Sculpting Netflix

Further to these posters I have also sculpted characters from popular Netflix shows (see below) and documented the process over on my YouTube channel.

Jack of all Trades Project

In 2021 I started creating a series of Jack Russell images, each with a different trade.


The dog in the artwork is based on my actual Jack Russell.

001 Fine Artist Jack.png
Magician Jack-01.png
002 Farmer Jack.png
Crime Scene Cleaner Jack-01.png

Fine Art

In 2021 I started painting again. On the left is a couple portrait I made for a friends wedding and below is a commission of a scene from Seaview, Isle of Wight.

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