Movie Poster Sculpts

Everything you see in this artwork has been sculpted using JOVI Plastilina modelling clay. I have then brought all the elements into Photoshop, composited and added a few extra cosmetic touches. 

Why did I decide to make these? If you're a fan of my work you will have probably heard once, or twice, that I worked on the feature film Frankenweenie back in 2011 - it was one of my first stop motion jobs... so it felt fitting to create this now 10 years later.

Also Corpse Bride just for fun. 


Jack of all Trades Project

I'm spending a year creating a series of 222 Jack Russell images, each with a different trade.


The dog in the artwork is based on my actual Jack Russell.

001 Fine Artist Jack.png
Magician Jack-01.png
002 Farmer Jack.png
Crime Scene Cleaner Jack-01.png

Fine Art

In 2021 I started painting again. On the left is a couple portrait I made for a friends wedding and below is a commission of a scene from Seaview, Isle of Wight.